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Peerless-AV - Small Form Factor Electronics Enclosure
Model: CL-ENCL68 MSRP: $1499.00
  • (3) Outlet Internal Electrical Strip
  • Monitor the internal environment and the operational state of the enclosure using the Peerless-AV® Bluetooth® Monitor Application (requires Windows®)
  • Keeps electronic equipment safe in ambient temperatures of -400 F to 1150 F
Peerless-AV - Wall Mounting Bracket for Media Players
Model: DS334 MSRP: $252.65
  • Media player mounting bracket
  • Flexible housing area expands to fit a variety of media players
  • Open-air design ensures ample airflow to the media player to prevent overheating
Peerless-AV - Flat/Tilt Universal Wall or Ceiling Mount with Media Device Storage
Model: DST360 MSRP: $371.61
  • Ideal for wall or ceiling mounted applications - Display sizes 26-60 inches up to 150 lbs.
  • Universal mounting in either portrait or landscape orientation
  • Built-in swivel up to 360º allows for optimum viewing angle for ceiling mount applications only
Peerless-AV -
Model: FPE42F-S MSRP: $3549.00