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Samsung - MagicIWB Embedded S/S2
Model: BW-EDS30WSA MSRP: $208.00
Samsung - MagicBoard 3.0 (Interactive WhiteBoard Software License)
Model: BW-EDS30WWA MSRP: $846.00
  • Reduced light scatter and reflection
  • Broader color contrast ratios and deeper blacks
  • Sharper, smoother pictures, even when images are moving at high speeds
Samsung - MagicIWB I2
Model: BW-EDS40WWA MSRP: $846.00
Samsung - Magic Info Data Link 3.0
Model: BW-MIE30DA MSRP: $306.00
  • Simplify server connectivity with an integrated single server offering various usage scenarios
  • Monitor and control Samsung Smart Signage remotely from a centralized location or a mobile device
  • Streamline Samsung Smart Signage management with enriched, convenient features