NonStop - NSUV-BK
UV Sterilizer with Qi wireless charging, USB Charging and clock


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The hotel industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Nonstop has been working to create solutions to help welcome guests back to your hotel.\ UV Station is a next generation nightstand amenity that leverages the power of UV-C sterilizing technology to reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria from guest to guest.
  • Clean & Healthy: Keep guests safe and welcome them back to your hotel with UV Station; UV-C cleaning tech designed specifically for the hotel nightstand
  • Sanitize Remote Controls: Designed to fit over 90% of the remote controls used by the hotel industry today; UV Station is a superior method to wipes and baggies as it’s more efficient, repeatable, reliable and faster
  • Sanitize Guest Devices: Empower hotel guests to clean dirty phones and wearables they bring with them. UV-C sanitation compartment works with all phones available on the market today
  • Demonstrate a Cleaner Guest Room: With UV Station, one of the first things hotel guests will see is your investment into cleaning technology
  • Kills 99.999% of Germs: Including six 10,000 hour UV-C Bulbs. A full plated reflective sanitizing chamber and a translucent quartz plate for full coverage
  • Wireless Charging and USB Outlets: The ultimate home for your phone on the road includes cable-free charging and a stand that keeps it front and center to give your hotel guests the most convenient charging experience