21.5"PCAP Monitor Temp bundle w/Temperature Sensor, Camera, Desktop


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Stay ahead of the curve with the new, groundbreaking temperature taking touch-free bundle, ensuring everyone entering any building or public place is fever-free. Including all the necessary components needed to protect businesses and communities, this enterprise-grade bundle is reliable, customizable, and seamless to use. This bundle contains a Mimo Monitors Android commercial Adapt-IQV tablet, Revel Digital’s CMS, analytics and accurate temperature sensing software with a one year license and a choice of wall mount, desktop stand or floor stand/cart.
  • Built for long-term use and support
  • Quad Core ARM A17
  • High-quality tempered glass multi-touch panel
  • VESA mount, wired Ethernet
  • Add on module slotEthernet
  • Play full HD video smoothly, support, Flash & HTML5