Listen Tech - LS-52-216
Listen Ultimate Level III Stationary RF System (216 MHz)

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The Listen Tech Listen Ultimate Level III Stationary RF System (216 MHz) LS-52-216 has everything you need for an easy system to specify, install, operate, and meet legislative requirements for assistive listening. Includes NiMH batteries and a charging/carrying case ideal for managing the storage and dispensing of receivers to listeners. Great for larger venues to deliver an optimum range of up to 3,000 ft. (914.4m). Comes equipped with our LR-500 digital display receivers, which make it easier to program, monitor channel selection, battery level, and signal strength. Ideal for applications when multi-language interpretation or a variety of audio sources need to be heard by a variety of listeners. Venues will benefit from managing the LR-500 when one receiver is used with multiple transmitters (audio sources) and users need the convenience of changing the channels themselves and programming of multiple channels is desired, so that users select only from the active channels.
  • Listen Ultimate Level III Stationary RF System (216 MHz)
  • One (1) LT-800-216-01 RF Transmitter (216 MHz)
  • One (1) LA-122 Universal Antenna Kit (72 MHz and 216 MHz)
  • One (1) LA-326 Universal Rack Mounting Kit
  • Four (4) LR-500-216 Portable Programmable Display RF Receiver (216 MHz)
  • Four (4) LA-164 Ear Speaker