Listen Tech - LR-4200-072-P1
Intelligent DSP RF Receiver Package 1 (72 MHz)

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The Listen Tech Intelligent DSP RF Receiver Package 1 (72 MHz) makes it easy to order all the components you need for an exceptional listening experience. The package includes the LR-4200-072 iDSP receiver, integrated neck loop/lanyard, and universal ear speaker making it ideal for personal use in venues with existing 72 MHz assistive listening systems. With Listen’s unique DSP SQTM noise reduction technology, users experience 20 dB less noise and hiss than any other listening device. Advanced green battery technology dramatically reduces costs of ownership and hassles while reducing the number of batteries in landfills. A field replaceable Lithium-ion battery is included with the unit. The integrated neck loop / lanyard with DSP loop driver, improves the listening experience for T-coil users. iDSP is the smallest device of its kind, making it easier to wear and easier for venues to dispense, store and maintain.
  • Intelligent DSP RF Receiver Package 1 (72 MHz)
  • One (1) LR-4200-072 Intelligent DSP RF Receiver (72 MHz)
  • One (1) LA-430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard
  • One (1) LA-401 Intelligent Ear Speaker
  • One (1) Quick Start Guide
  • One (1) field replaceable Lithium-ion battery