Listen Tech - LA-380-01
Intelligent 12-Unit Charging/Carrying Case

Manufacturer:Listen Tech

Category: Pro Audio


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The Listen Tech Intelligent 12-Unit Charging/Carrying Case LA-380-01 is the charging/carrying case for the Listen iDSP assistive listening receivers. It is engineered for streamlined dispensing, collecting and care of the iDSP LR-4200 and LR-5200 RF listening devices. Built to accommodate the smallest, lightest device of its kind, the tray organizes and charges up to twelve iDSP units. The charging slots feature tension locking ability to ensure proper charging contact and security. Additionally, each charging slot is capable of storing personal collateral, such as an ID card while the receiver is being used. Operation and use is very simple, just drop the units in the charging tray. A power cable connects the charging case to a standard electrical outlet. The carrying case also has an earphone storage pocket to prevent cable tangling, and a large pocket to store the power supply, headsets, and/or additional items.
  • Intelligent 12-Unit Charging/Carrying Case
  • Transport, drop-in charging, storage and dispensing case for streamlined dispensing, collecting and care of up to (12) iDSP LR-4200 and LR-5200 RF listening devices
  • Sturdy case with hard foam interior and durable latches
  • Pocket stores earphones and/or other accessories
  • Case comes with keys and can be locked for security
  • Detachable nylon carrying strap