Listen Tech - LA-350-01
8-Unit IR Charging/Storage Station (North America)

Manufacturer:Listen Tech

Category: Pro Audio


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MSRP: $401.00

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The Listen Tech 8-Unit IR Charging/Storage Station (North America) LA-350-01 is the simple solution for charging batteries and for storage/distribution of receivers. It holds up to eight (8) LR-42 Stethoscope and/or LR-44 Lanyard Receivers in any combination. In addition, it can separately charge up to eight (8) NiMH battery packs allowing you to have charged battery packs ready for receivers. The LA-350 is designed to be mobile or permanently mounted on a desk or on a wall. Batteries are automatically charged with green and red LEDs indicating the charge status.
  • 8-Unit IR Charging/Storage Station (North America)
  • Eight (8) NiMH Battery Pack Charging Inserts
  • One (1) Tidy rack
  • One (1) Universal power supply
  • One (1) Manual
  • Compact design - Reduces the hassle of storing receivers and charging batteries