Listen Tech - LA-210-01
12 VCD Replacement Power Supply (12V)

Manufacturer:Listen Tech

Category: Pro Audio


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MSRP: $61.00

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Available for applications in North America, Asia/UK, Europe or Australia, the LA-210 12V Replacement Power Supply allows you to set up and install our LT-84 ListenIR Transmitter/Radiator Combo wherever an infrared assistive listening system is needed. This Power Supply is also used with the LA-480 ListenTALK Docking Station 16, and LA-481 ListenTALK Docking Station Case 16.
  • Spare or replacement power supply for the LT-84 Transmitter/Radiator Combo
  • Spare or replacement power supply for the LA-480, LA-481 ListenTALK Docking Stations
  • Provides reliable 12-volt DC power
  • Available in configurations for multiple countries or regions around the world