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Samsung - 75"3840x2160 4K IR Touch 16/7 IP5X SoC Tizen3.0 Wifi Landscape only
Model: QB75N-W MSRP: $5077.00
  • Digital Signage Display - Ideal for rack, passageway, booth or display counter
  • With its 75" screen size, 3840 x 2160 resolution and a brightness of #atr1133#, this digital signage system is ideal for commercial purposes
  • Experience luminescent visual images with LCD display
Samsung - 55"3840x2160 Flip All-in-one dig flipchart display 350nit4000:1 16/7
Model: WM55R MSRP: $2706.00
  • Annotate ease: write on any background source
  • Flexible Image Editing
  • Improved Pen Mode
Samsung - 65"3840x2160 Flip all in one digital flipchart display 16/7
Model: WM65R MSRP: $3198.00
  • Draw, write & inspire new ideas with a smooth and familiar passive pen
  • Create a masterpiece on brush mode
  • Write on any background on any background source